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Those days are gone when there has been under numerous micro controller's to choose from. The simple truth is, choosing a controller for something different is extremely a frightening task which is way during the night scope need to know ,, but will probably be covered in greater detail in the future article.

However choosing a microcontroller to 'play with' for that first project, might be a simpler as well as the tools (both software and hardware?) nowadays, are extremely cheap, otherwise, free!....

Formerly, emulators, designers etc use to cost thousands of dollars (what were they thinking?). Now you'll have the ability to finish track of affordable development tools.

10 years back I decided to select Microchip. Why?, well the fact they provided not only a free development atmosphere (MPLAB IDE), but furthermore lots of support using the forums and application notes online.

In individuals days my simple project was essentially an electronic switch. So beginning withsuch always easy, nearly any micro would complete the job.

I decided among their low finish PIC12xxx quantity of micro's. These little babies had around 512 bytes of OTP (Once Prrr-rrrglable) ROM and around 25 bytes of RAM! (does it run WinXP?...I don't think so!!!). It had been plenty that I'd in your thoughts though.

Today you will discover much more providers (TI, Atmel etc) that offer similar items and excellent support too.

One of the quite recent 'players' that stand out within the crowd, is Cypress' mixed signal PSoC quantity of micro remote controls. These items are extremely flexible from the objective of take a look at re configurable hardware. Another large plus using these items might be the capability, employing their free tool (PSoC Designer now integrating PSoC Express) to program their micro remote controls without writing only one little bit of code!...much more about these in another article.

Therefore if you are just getting started in this fascinating area, keep it simplistic and start getting less finish micro. Most of the providers provide samples totally free utilizing their websites the next.

TI - Texas Instruments

Microchip Corporation


You will discover several more, however, these are actually the main players I have been considering.

For individuals who've useful micro controller recommendations or related, please leave a comment.


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