Anchor from Blackbeard's sail boat lifted after 293 years off North Carolina coast

MOREHEAD CITY, North Carolina --Archaeologists on Friday elevated an anchor in the Full Anne's Revenge, the ship that sailing Blackbeard and the crew deliberately grounded from the New York coast in 1718. The nearly 3,000-pound anchor may be the biggest artifact yet retrieved in the wreck from the well known pirate's flagship. The anchor was atop a pile of debris, which seems to become the remains of the center of the ship, including its cargo hold, stated Mark Wilde-Ramsing, director from the Full Anne's Revenge project. In a few days, scientists aspire to search a little test hole in to the pile in which the anchor was removed to obtain a a feeling of what else may be hidden there. Full Anne's Revenge was initially a French slave ship that Blackbeard and the band taken in nov 1717. Blackbeard, an Englishman whose real title was regarded as Edward Train, was wiped out by British mariners inside a fight near Ocracokein 1718.