The intimidator cube: 125 pieces would do a lot

Intimidator! When you hear it for the first time you may think it`s a movie name but it`s not like that ,it`s the name which GARY MAXITON gave for his masterpiece the intimidator
It`s not a cube exactly but it`s a cuboid with a 8*4*5 inches dimensions. The pieces of this diagram are made of six different metals stainless steel ,copper ,bronze , magnesium ,and steel which are more than 125 pieces

This video explains how can a trained person Dismantle this cube in just  7 minutes

After Dismantling this cube it may seem very challenging to recollect it again
You can see how to recollect them in this video
but When we recollect some of it's pieces  in a different way you may know why it`s called intimidator
You may see this a 45 caliber revolver that can release one bullet at a time and with a closer look we will notice that the pistol are made from the same pieces
The rest pieces aren`t useless as they are used in recollecting and cleaning processes ,  in addition to a high tech laser telescope and a gun powder pocket

In the following video you will see the Dismantling ,recollecting and releasing
GARY MAXITON the re shaper freak said that the idea of his work came from one of JAMES BOND  movies in which the agent managed to create a revolver from his cigarette pocket, lighter, pen and his jacket button to make a golden revolver

you can see the his latest works from his website :

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