hurricane tracker: storm Irene 2011

Increased the power of Hurricane Irene, the first major hurricane in the season in the Atlantic, the night before last, go to category 3 with the invasion of southern Bahamas and reached the east coast of the United States yesterday.

The U.S. National Center for hurricanes in the report, said that the warnings of the hurricane and tropical storm was launched in part of the country's east coast early Monday with Hurricane Irene moved over the northwestern Bahamas. The hurricane warning was issued from the coast of North Carolina from north of Surf City to the border between the states of North Carolina and Virginia. The center said that the warning was issued a tropical storm from the northern region Adisto Beach in South Carolina to Surf City, North Carolina. The hurricane was located yesterday at dawn EST of the United States (0900 GMT) at a distance of 1180 kilometers south of Cape Hatteras in North Carolina and reached the maximum wind speed to within 185 km per hour.

Town problems Generator Basic safety Caution

The city's Fireplace Marshal Business office along with the Office of Civil Preparedness is warning homeowners to use moveable electricity generators carefully.

"Don't get me wrong. Generators are excellent, but they're fantastic if they're utilized properly," mentioned Paul Estefan, director of Civil Preparedness in Danbury.

Estefan and James Johnson, Danbury's fireplace marshal, said those who have power outages due to Hurricane Irene Sunday could resort to portable generators. For the flyer on generator safety, go to this website, look at news, and with the 8/25/11 date, click on moveable generator security.

"Don't put the generator in a garage," Estefan explained. "Leave it exterior."

The generators melt away fuel to make electric power, as well as that leads to a couple of hazards in a garage. Carbon monoxide is given off by burning the fuel, along with the generator has a fuel tank, which is a fire hazard.

Will not plug the generator into an outlet, Estefan explained, since that could lead to electrocution. Plug from the refrigerator which has a heavy-duty outside extension cord. A single cord, direct through the generator for the refrigerator, is what you need, Estefan explained.

Lexus LFA Specifications

Lexus LFA 

specifications of Lexus LFA Supercar , it is really impressive: 4.8 CC V10 with 552 hp , 354 lb-ft from 9000 rpm redline Zingy, six-speed of gearbox, 0-62 mph in 3, 7 sec. with top speed of 202 mile/hr. It seems incredible, both in photos and in person. Lexus LFA Supercar was produced only 500 units with a price of  375,000 $