Futuristic cars from Mercedes: cars grow from Planted seeds like trees

Every now and then we are surprised by the brilliant ideas for futuristic cars created by different corporations in this field but we are going to see what I am sure that you have never seen before
What we have here is the biome the new production of Mercedes but what makes it unique that the car is not made in its factories but it is planted from a genetically modified seeds in special farms and nurseries
It may seem kind of science fiction but it is real invention will be released by Mercedes through its branch in LOS ANGLES after the engineers wanted to
create new generation of clean cars harmonious with environment so the created planted cars like trees
The car will be made of very light material called BIOFLORE which is organic material lighter than metal and plastic but stronger than steel
The fuel of it will be made from organic material called BIONECTAR 5434 special material from genetically modified seeds that collect the solar energy and turns it to fuel but the strange fact that its wastes are pure oxygen
The car is 4040 MM length, 1200 MM height, and weights 394 kg it is a coupe car that can take 4 persons
The design of the car itself is brilliant but creating it is more stranger let`s imagine that you want a car like this so you go to the company giving them the choosing the type that suits you and the engineers will modify the seeds to suit your pattern then panting it to grow your car
The most important advantage here is that the car is extremely clean and very friendly to the environment since the moment of creating it till its expire date it also can be used after that as a construction material (I cannot imagine a car like this to be a wall in a house one day)
There are no specific details about it but some sources said that it will be available by 2015 to compete the magnificent BMW VISION EFFICIENT DYNAMIC
BMW Corporation announced that its car will be available by 2013 to be officially launched to markets by 2015 , Clear vision for the sportive cars by BMW Let`s go back to our Mercedes with this collection
It might be crazy and merely impossible but since when there is something called impossible in the world of creation

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