microcontroller projects

Those days are gone when there has been under numerous micro controller's to choose from. The simple truth is, choosing a controller for something different is extremely a frightening task which is way during the night scope need to know ,, but will probably be covered in greater detail in the future article.

However choosing a microcontroller to 'play with' for that first project, might be a simpler as well as the tools (both software and hardware?) nowadays, are extremely cheap, otherwise, free!....

Formerly, emulators, designers etc use to cost thousands of dollars (what were they thinking?). Now you'll have the ability to finish track of affordable development tools.

10 years back I decided to select Microchip. Why?, well the fact they provided not only a free development atmosphere (MPLAB IDE), but furthermore lots of support using the forums and application notes online.

The intimidator cube: 125 pieces would do a lot

Intimidator! When you hear it for the first time you may think it`s a movie name but it`s not like that ,it`s the name which GARY MAXITON gave for his masterpiece the intimidator
It`s not a cube exactly but it`s a cuboid with a 8*4*5 inches dimensions. The pieces of this diagram are made of six different metals stainless steel ,copper ,bronze , magnesium ,and steel which are more than 125 pieces

This video explains how can a trained person Dismantle this cube in just  7 minutes

Futuristic cars from Mercedes: cars grow from Planted seeds like trees

Every now and then we are surprised by the brilliant ideas for futuristic cars created by different corporations in this field but we are going to see what I am sure that you have never seen before
What we have here is the biome the new production of Mercedes but what makes it unique that the car is not made in its factories but it is planted from a genetically modified seeds in special farms and nurseries
It may seem kind of science fiction but it is real invention will be released by Mercedes through its branch in LOS ANGLES after the engineers wanted to

The moon turns to red color in a rare total lunar (not solar)eclipse- watch it live now

this evening ,in the sky of the northern half of earth , an amazing and rare phenomenon will occurs , when the moon will turn from it’s usual gray color to the orange color and red for an hour and 41 minutes!!
Total lunar eclipse
This rare phenomenon will appears clearly to the population of the northern half of the earth, including whole the Arab world , and it’s peak will be at eight o’clock and 12 minutes UTC.
that to take into your consederation that the moon will enter the beginning of this eclipse before this timing with about three hours.
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First Designed Calculator (Curta)

construction calculator- mechanical calculator
In our daily life we might face some situations that force us to make some mathematical calculations so we resort to a calculator whether of the cell phones or the computer for doing so .have you ever imagined how they were doing this before inventing the calculator
Can you imagine the problems that could face those who work in the field of
mathematical equations and the sum of the obstacles that was facing them without calculators and how scientists like ISSAN NEOTEN ,JOHANS KELLER and LORD KLEN could help the humanity with their inventions
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