Kinetic Arts: Amazing Artistic Works - Monsters That Feed on the air!

we always see electric generation projects using wind turbines to generate electricity or to move wind mills and other project using the wind power. today we will see also a wind power project but not like any other wind project you saw before:
Kinetic Sculptor - kinetic art

What you are looking at in this picture is the boundary between art and physics,this is a type of art which called "kinetic art" , which relies on moving parts to create a professional artisric view! this works that we will see in this topic made from plastic tubes connected together forming monster shaping that moves in the presence of wind as you will see in this video:

The owner of this wonderful works is the artist of kinetic arts Theo Jansen , who has worked in this field since 1990 until now. what is really amazing to know that , these huge mechanisms made only from plastic pipe and adhesives!!

kinetic sculpture

The most that was added to each is empty bottles that will fill with air to convert the kinetic energy of air to potential energy that stored to use in making a calculated accurate movements
kinetic sculpture

the advantages of this projects that it is made from cheap and available (anywhere) materials , but the ingenuity of  jansen was in the designing of a mechanical mechanism develops a nature movement!!!

kinetic sculpture

of course It was not easy, as Jansen says his success rate was usually once every ten attempts, therefore, this great achievement can be summed up in one word: "Insisting"!

This is another set of photos:

kinetic sculpture
kinetic sculpture
kinetic sculpture
kinetic sculpture

crazy and non-traditional idea , but its application is very good especially with the realistic movements of such mechine,Theo hopes to get better designs using computer simulation which to be more suitable to the environment of beachs.

Finally,leaving you with that video:  meeting with Theo on Ted Show Program: -

For more picture, videos ,information you can visit theo jansen web site

steam safety valve – 3D Design

this is a steam safety valve that using in steam boilers and pressure vessels to make the pressure under control (not exceed limit pressure value)

I had designed this for about 2 years ago , i feel it is time to share this design with all of you
this was designed using : 3dmax , photoshop video editor software(coral)

Abdallah Elshorbagy