4,8 million Dollar LAMBERGINI prototype!

If you have extra money do not buy a 379 thousand $ LAMBERGIBI but instead but the 4,8 million $ prototype of it

Can you imagine that the small prototype of the car is more expensive than the car it self

The reason here is that the car is decorated with diamonds reach 2,7million $

This car will be sold in public auction next Saturday 25 and I can`t imagine who will buy it with such price and if there is who will do that he definitely needs therapist

Scientists discover dual suns planet!

It may be reasonable if we heard this in a Hollywood movie to be presented in a reliable scientific research this is somehow amazing:

The scientist and researchers of KEPLER-16B discovered a dual suns planet which means that it has two sunsets instead of one

This planet name is KEPLER-16B and it is 200 light years from our earth and lies in the CYGRUS orbit

The funny thing is that we used to hear this in Hollywood movies but here we discover it to be like the war of the stars movies

As long as we live we will discover what is more stranger than fiction

4 years old Chinese girl drive the car through the crowd

This video has achieved great success on the internet in this video a father teaching his 4 years daughter driving through very crowded street and the strange thing here that he didn`t fasten her seat belt

DUBAI breaks the international record by presenting the longest metro without driver

Sheikh MUHAMMED RASHED AL-MAKTOM opened few hours ago the last phase of DUBAI metro by opening the green line:

With this project DUBAI broke the international record by presenting the longest auto metro

This metro is 23 km and go through 23 station and has the largest metro station in the world that reaches 25 thousand m which called the union station

New achievement added to this great city and we will give you more details in the coming topics

1,5 billion KM from earth: amazing Photo of Saturn`s rings

Can you imagine that this amazing image we see right now was captured 1, 5 billion KM from earth This image was captured by CASEBNY HOPGENS the space ship and in this image the small white spot is our planet

Rhinoceros chair

Very strange design for a chair designed by the Spanish designer MAXIMO REERA

This chair was exposed in 100% design gallery in London the last month (22- 25 September)

Amazing video for MECCA`S royal tower

SHARD tower in London

Great image for SHARD tower in London


How will it look like if it is made out of leather?

This image was published by the French company DATZ FR after covering it with leather

The French company do whatever the customer ask and they are very professional in this field

Impressive idea but is it effective?

Giant Wave Within the Slow Motion

Giant wave with the slow motion:

Amazing video for a giant wave it is height about 10 METRE with the slow motion

Tesla Generator enables you to Build Generators for Home Use

The Tesla Generator as we know it today derives from a radically new method for producing electricity that Nikola Tesla was working on in about 1894. It's been nearly a century since Nikola Tesla patented his fuelless power generator during a period when there were lots of controversy and competition on the list of new electrical energy companies.

Tesla's patents for electrical generators and motors were granted inside late 1880's also it was nearly Decade later that the large electricity industry was formed. The two main electric companies were Westinghouse and General Electric and they invested huge sums of income into plant and equipment to make a very profitable business in producing usable energy to businesses and householders. They were not planning to jeopardize their achievements and investments with all the introduction of your more effective yet revolutionary system for generating electricity.

There is lots of data by means of academic papers and letters that document Tesla's various electrical inventions. Inside 1880's he patented the alternating current generator, motor and transformer. Throughout the 1890's Tesla ran other strategies to generating power including a charged particle collector that they patented in 1901.

Tesla requested for a patent for the "apparatus to the Usage of Radiant Energy", number 685957 on March 21 1901 also it was granted about the November 5 later exactly the same year. A couple of years later in 1909 Tesla registered a patent for Turbine and a little later a Dynamo Electric machine. All the evidence points towards the turbine shaped Unipolar Dynamo being Tesla's first design or a machine that can always produce electricity after being disconnected from some other source of power.

The New York Times ran a narrative in 1902 about an inventor who claimed that they invented generators that didn't require an external fuel supply. Currently Tesla wrote to some friend claiming that he had already invented this kind of device.

Nikola Tesla announced inside Brooklyn Eagle on July 10th, 1931 he had harnessed the cosmic rays and caused these phones operate a motive device and inside the same article he stated that they ended up being taking care of this piece of equipment for longer than Twenty-five years and the man had now succeeded.

Many years later in 1933 articles within the New Your American under the title of "Device to Harness Cosmic Energy Claimed by Tesla". Tesla stated that "this new power for your driving with the world's machinery are going to be produced from the force which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source with the earth would be the sun and which is everywhere contained in unlimited quantities".

Unfortunately Nikola Tesla's inventions weren't commercialized back then mainly because the newly founded energy companies and powerful financiers were reluctant to exchange signal of the alternating electrical system simply because they had already invested heavily put money into household power electrical plants.

The necessity for enhancing new and alternative resources for fuel is greater now of computer was at the end of the final century. Tesla's vision of growing human energy with the use of the sun's energy is finally becoming a reality with his Tesla Generator.

Do you want saving real money?

Accidental inventions

Most of the things that we use in our daily life come to this world as a result of experiment and researches by the scientists but have we ever asked ourselves about the reason behind these inventions? Or whether these inventions were meant to be created or happened by chance? The great inventor mark twain said that coincidence created a lot of inventions and this quotation proved its credibility with the story of NEOTEN and his fallen apple without this coincidence the world would not have known most of the important theories in the life.

And this what happened with most of scientists and inventors as most of their inventions came by chance and this what we are going know in this topic

All of us know the PENCILLIN, it is one of the most important cures in the medicine world these days it was invented by ALEXANDER FLEMING while he was in the battle field in the first world war, he wanted to create a cure for the increasing number of dead soldiers and this led to the invention a very vital antibiotic and this happened when he was doing some experiments on a glass plate under the microscope so he forgot it then he noticed some mildew on it this mildews managed to destroy the germs and the bacteria so he made further experiments which shows that the mildews are not harmful for animals or humans so he developed it and since then we have the PENCILLIN

When we see the TEFAL which is used by every housewife today we know that it is one of the most important materials created ever for cooking and frying but most of people do not know it was created by chance this happened when BLANKET and the engineer JACK REBOOK was working to create a new type of refrigerant by using FLORNELEN gas or what is known with TEF. BLANKET stored the gas as a dry ice to prevent it from explosion and when he opened the box here was the surprise there were not any gas in the box it turned to a solid material on the box walls so he used some chemical materials to remove it but he was much more surprised when the solid material did not change so he called it TTRAVRU PE which is the TEFAL used in every house and in many different shapes

When we use the microwave can we imagine that it was invented because of a piece of chocolate when the engineer pierce spinser was working on a new radar device he put his hand in his pocket to have a chocolate bar but he found it melted although the temperature was fairly cold so he surprised but he noticed that he was standing near to an electronic valve so he brought a corn bag and put it near to the valve and the bag exploded in the next day he came to the lab with a heater and some eggs and put it in the heater and put the heater near to the valve after making a small hole in it then the eggs exploded so he realized that it was because of that electronic valve as it produced a short radio waves or micro waves and this might be a good idea for cooking so immediately he told the company and in 1953 we had the first micro wave

In 1862 JOGH TACKER was doing some experiments and mixed some potassium chloride with antimony sulfide and mixed it together with a wooden stick but the stick mixed with the combination when he tried to separate them by some stones he found a sparkles happened and this was the secret of match sticks

The saccharine is a chemical material sweater than the sugar it was discovered accidently by American senior student in the faculty of chemistry while he was doing some experiments to his lab he wanted to eat a piece of bread he found its taste sweat so he called the bread maker but when she tasted it she noticed nothing so he remembered that he did not washed his hands and he started tasting every material he used till he found it

The henbane was discovered by JOSEPH PRESELY and it was used for entertaining purposes in the beginning but it become more important when the dentist HORACE WALES noticed an injured person in HARTROAD gallery that person did not feel with any pain so HORACE realized that it was because of the henbane and start to use it in his dentistry

The cellophane was invented by the SWITZ chemist EDWIN BRANDONBERG when he was trying to make anti spot cover after his table was spotted by a wine when he was with his girl friend so he tried to create a new kind of covers by using viscose but it did not work out then he mixed cellulose with viscose and managed to invent the cellophane we use these days

As for the sticky notes it appeared when the engineer SPINSER SILVER was trying to invent a glue material for his company but he failed because he did not notice the prints of the material and after four years his colleague ARTHUR FREO used it in his book as he needed some glue but not so harmful to his book so the idea worked out and purchased in 1981

From the previous we can see that the coincidence played very important role for many inventors and the appearance of many inventions so we have to be grateful for these coincidences