Flight around the world without fuel (Amazing...)

 Flight around the world without fuel

Last year unveiled its first solar aircraft in the world.
Renewable energies are a major thrust of the Forum on the international media about climate change and the media, organized by Deutsche Welle. In this context, view the scale model of a plane preparing for a tour around the world using solar energy only.

Many of the obvious things in our day was, and for several centuries, from the seventh impossible. For example, the conquest of space and the ability to fly and move quickly from one continent to another. Without the presence of people believe in the possibility of realizing the dream of flight and walked the opposite beliefs in their time, the sky has remained to this day free of the aircraft.

This is the philosophy that believes in the famous navigator Swiss Bertrand Piccard, who succeeded in 1999 flew around the world in a balloon, he said in a lecture at the Global Media Forum, organized by Deutsche Welle in Bonn. Speaking about this experience "said Picard" The heart arrived in the throat "fear when the balloon above the Atlantic Ocean, for fear that performs fuel drops the balloon in the ocean, also noted that the wind was the captain of the airship real, not human because they are heading to where you want.

This experience made him think of a new innovation can fly around the world without fear of depletion of fuel and are to be determined is the same direction he wants. In 2004, the idea of the invention of the engine with solar energy, has sent 40 companies engines powered by solar energy to Picard, which forces convinced the possibility of achieving his dream. In 2007, began to Picard and his colleague Andre Borcburg work on the manufacture aircraft Solar, an aircraft can fly card derived from the beam the sun without the need for kerosene, such as other aircraft. Two years later managed to fly his plane Picard solar to be the first person to fly an aircraft without the "fuel" in the air.

The length of the wings 63 meters long and 40 cm has development took 6 years.

Flight of the day and night with solar energy

The problem of the new aircraft is its ability to fly during the day and only having to drop before sundown, and they can fly a long time under the clouds that obscure the sun for.

But in the past three years cut André Picard and fellow Borcburg an advanced stage in the development of solar plane as they prepare this year to experience the first of its kind in the world. The Picard intends to fly for 36 continuous hours flew the carbon-fiber reinforced and not more than the weight of 1600 kg. This experiment was made possible after the progress witnessed by the battery technology capable of storing electric energy or wind power Kkahraba to use when needed. Weighing up the battery to 450 kilograms, equivalent to a quarter of the weight of the aircraft. The wing aircraft amounts to 63,4 meters-foot panels were installed solar panels on them an area of 200 square meters.

Flight around the world after two years

Navigator Swiss Bertrand Piccard speaks about his project to an audience World Media Forum in Bonn.

If successful the flying experience for two days and one night this year will begin Picard and his colleague in the planning for a trip Stdechlhma history of the wider doors. The plan is to fly around the world with a stop over only five times, once in every continent, in 2012 Solar plane. Picard hopes to succeed in his venture to prove to the world could be dispensed with once for fossil fuels, including oil, gas and coal. He says, "do not convince me not to be dispensed with once and for fossil fuels, if managed aircraft from flying at night as flying during the day without the kerosene and the use of solar power only," This is the philosophy that believes in Picard, it seeks to validate through flight may constitute a qualitative leap in the history of humanity.

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