Air Compressor , how does it work?

Air compressors are mechanical equipment essential for the owners (air conditioners and refrigerators), commercial enterprises, aircraft engines, refining industries, manufacturing and automotive industries. In fact, air compressors have been used in the industries in more than a century. It is a multi-talented device used to supply compressed air and / or power in a given space. It is being used in any application that requires the reduction of air volume or force .

You can get various types, which are produced to meet different needs. Each type can vary in the method of cooling, the stages of compression, the energy source and lubrication. The following are three main types of air compressors:

Reciprocating (piston) air compressor - uses the compression piston in the air and keep the storage tank. Based on the number of stages of compression, this type may be single stage or double stage. At one stage, a piston is used in compressing the air, while the dual-stage system, there are two pistons used in air compression.

Rotary air compressor - this is the same as the volumetric configuration of the reciprocating compressor. In this type, two paired helical rotating pins are used in place of pistons. As the screws rotate toward each other, the air condenses and pushed into the storage tank.

Centrifugal air compressor - also called dynamic compressor is suitable when the need for compact air is high. In this type, high speed increases the speed of rotation of the impeller of air that is directed to a diffuser that converts the velocity of the air force. This compressor requires more power to manipulate the two compressors.
The device consists of two main components - the compression device and power supply. The compression device may be a piston, or rotating blades of the impeller, while power comes from the electric motor or other power sources. The compression mechanism, aid in the condensation of atmospheric air power through the power supply.

The fundamental principle of work of the compressor is compact the atmospheric air, used as needed. In this course, the atmospheric air is based on the intake valve, more air is pulled into a small space automatically piston, vane or impeller. Since the amount of atmospheric air is removed, added at the storage tank, the pressure is raised automatically. In a simpler language, or free atmospheric air is grouped after reducing its volume and increasing its strength in the same period of time. Establishment is not the force can maneuver handle that liability for the operator. With increasing force to

higher setting force in the tank or receiver, push button shuts the air intake on the compressor. When compacted air is used, the level of pressure decreases. Since the force is reduced to setting low initial pressure, the button turns on the force, thus allowing entry of air into the atmosphere. Therefore, the sequence continues in the air compressor.

some kinds of air compressors:

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