do you know how car engine works?(automobile engineering)

First things , the car engine is an internal combustion engine, of which there are a number of various types including diesel engine, gasoline engine, rotary engine and engine two times. The internal combustion engine works with the basic premise of injecting a small amount of high-energy fuel, eg gasoline or diesel in a small closed space, lighting and creating a massive amount of energy as a gas in expansion. The trick of the internal combustion engine is removed is the accusation of explosions like this hundreds of times for one minute and management to harness the energy that is thus created. Almost all cars use four-stroke cycle combustion to convert fuel into motion, the four strokes being - intake, compression, combustion and exhaust.

In the beginning of the cycle the piston starts on top, once the intake valve opens, the piston moves downward, letting the engine take in a cylinder filled with air which also injects a drop Petrol. The piston moves back up to compress the air with the drop in gasoline, the compression will cause the explosion is going to happen all the more powerful. When the piston reaches its limit, the spark plug emits a spark that ignites the gasoline, causing an explosion causing the piston down. When the piston reaches its lower limit, the exhaust valve opens and the exhaust pipe of the cylinder, leaving the vehicle exhaust pipe. This cycle is repeated again and again. The linear movement of the pistons is converted into a rotary motion by the crankshaft, which then becomes the vehicle wheels. As you may have gathered, the cylinder is one of the main components of the internal combustion engine. Most cars have four, six or eight cylinders.

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