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What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a gas composed of two nitrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. The scientific abbreviation for one nitrous oxide molecule is N2O where N is nitrogen, and O is oxygen. This is where the familiar phrase 'N-2-O' comes from when people talk about nitrous oxide. How Nitrous Oxide Makes Power Nitrous oxide kits make large amounts of horsepower by allowing an engine to
burn more fuel. Burning more fuel creates higher cylinder pressures that will push down on the pistons with greater force. When the nitrous is injected into an engine and the initial combustion takes place, it creates enough heat to separate the nitrous oxide into its two components, nitrogen and oxygen. Once separated, the
additional oxygen is then free to react with additional fuel. To run nitrous successfully and safely,
you have to introduce precise amounts of additional fuel with precise amounts of nitrous oxide. All of the extra oxygen provided by the nitrous oxide must have fuel with which to react or you may damage
your engine severely. When the amount ofnitrous and the amount of supplementalfuel is controlled precisely, your engine can safely and reliably generate exceptional power increases.

Wet & Dry Nitrous Systems

A fuel injected dry manifold system uses a spray nozzle to deliver only nitrous oxide
to the intake. A wet manifold system introduces fuel and nitrous into the intake manifold.
With a dry manifold system, the additional fuel is supplied by increasing fuel
delivery from the injectors when the nitrous system is activated. It is called a dry manifold
system because there isn’t any fuel present in the intake manifold. The ZEX
Nitrous System is a dry system.

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