Welding High Temperature Pressure Pipes

Abstract :
In this research we will explain the usage of Pipelines in our life and some problems that may happens to it and how to overcome this , we will also explain the different welding techniques and how to select the best for the needed situation .
Also we will review the welding defects and how to remedies it , the defects that happens to high pressure and temperature pipelines (with actual example of el kuriemat power station and the boiler pipe problems )  , also the welding procedures , joints types , the new numerical method to avoid this welding problems  

List of Contents
1.     Introduction 
1.2.         Metal Pipes 
1.3.         Piping 
1.4.         Pipe size 
1.5.         Pipe wall Thickness 
2.     Classification of Pressure Piping 
2.2.         Pressure Tubing
2.3.         El kuriemat electric power plant capacities
3.     Weld heat tented area induced failure of boiler water wall tubes in power generation plant
3.1.         Non-Destructive Investigations 
3.2.         Destructive Examinations 
4.        Pipelines welding 
4.1.         Joints types 
4.2.         Gas shielded Metal Arc Welding 
4.3.         Metal Arc welding with covered Electrodes 
4.4.         Welding equipment 
4.5.         Pipe welding in vertical down with cellulosic electrodes
4.6.         Automatic Pipe Welding 
5.        Defects and Remedies
6.        Field Weld symbol
7.        General Definitions

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