hurricane tracker: storm Irene 2011

Increased the power of Hurricane Irene, the first major hurricane in the season in the Atlantic, the night before last, go to category 3 with the invasion of southern Bahamas and reached the east coast of the United States yesterday.

The U.S. National Center for hurricanes in the report, said that the warnings of the hurricane and tropical storm was launched in part of the country's east coast early Monday with Hurricane Irene moved over the northwestern Bahamas. The hurricane warning was issued from the coast of North Carolina from north of Surf City to the border between the states of North Carolina and Virginia. The center said that the warning was issued a tropical storm from the northern region Adisto Beach in South Carolina to Surf City, North Carolina. The hurricane was located yesterday at dawn EST of the United States (0900 GMT) at a distance of 1180 kilometers south of Cape Hatteras in North Carolina and reached the maximum wind speed to within 185 km per hour.

Born and hurricane winds blowing at speeds of 195 kilometers per hour, according to the latest report of the U.S. hurricane center, which was published yesterday evening at 03.00 T c. The center warned that the strength of Irene may grow to become a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir - Semsen which includes 5 degrees, to reach winds of 217 kilometers per hour. U.S. authorities began the evacuation of South Carolina in the population in some areas as of Wednesday.

The cyclone killed three people and the loss of a number of other beaches during the invasion of the Dominican Republic, according to reports in local media seized on Thursday quoting the head of the emergency center. Were also evacuated some 38 thousand people to safe locations. The director of emergency services center Juan Manuel Mendez, said about 2,000 homes flooded completely. In the city of San Cristobal Santo Dmengjo west of the capital, killing a man (40 years) died when his house collapsed during the storm, and the newspaper "Diario Novo" in the electronic edition, the two others including a woman pregnant Jrvathma floods.
It was expected to pass the hurricane off the east coast of central and northern Florida as of last night. It is known that Hurricane Irene Hurricane of the third category on a scale, "Ambassador Simpson" to measure the intensity of hurricanes, consisting of five levels, with winds of 185 km / h and spread to affect hurricane winds in the vicinity of 110 km from the center of the hurricane itself. The storm had been gathering over the weekend, the Lesser Antilles archipelago east of the Caribbean, and his strength is increasing since then.

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