turbo charger , how does it works?

The efficiency of IC engines and pollution generated from it depends largely on the turbo charger. Turbo charger is driven by exhaust gases leaving the engine and this power is used to compress the gas to the engine intake. Turbo charger usually has two main sections, the turbine and compressor.


A typical turbine consists of a collection of fins and the axis of one, in which the fins are placed. The shaft is supported by some kind of bearings. The fins making fluid energy (which is taking the pressure head and kinetic head) and turns the shaft. This shaft drives the compressor turns. Turbines can be one of the combinations of the two following types:

* Impulse Turbine

Pelton wheel is an example of this type of turbine. Using the nozzle, fluid velocity increases as the pressure remains constant, so the change in momentum of fluid particles is produced, hence the force is applied to the fins. This type of turbine is an application of Newton's second law.

* Reactive turbine

reactive turbine is a practical application of Newton's third law. Unlike the turbine impulsive, reactive fluid from the turbine exits the turbine and thus applies the reactive force of the turbine.


The compressor reduces the volume of gas consumption by increasing pressure on it. The compressor is identical to the pump. The pump works with liquids and gas compressor. All compressors can be classified broadly into two sections, namely, the positive displacement type and the type of dynamics.

Diaphragm compressors, rotary screw compressors etc., are examples of such displacement compressor and centrifugal compressor etc. are examples of dynamic compressor.

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Waste gate

As the amount of exhaust gas will increase, increase the speed of the turbine and therefore more and more amount of air that is taken for compression and this in turn increases the intake pressure of the system. Now, if the inlet pressure increases, which further increases the speed of the gas turbine exhaust. So by this process turbocharger speed increases continuously. waste gate is a mechanical system, which passes through a certain amount of gas turbine exhaust in order to limit the speed of the turbocharger.

some photos of  turbo charger:

Turbo Charger

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