Lexus LFA Specifications

Lexus LFA 

specifications of Lexus LFA Supercar , it is really impressive: 4.8 CC V10 with 552 hp , 354 lb-ft from 9000 rpm redline Zingy, six-speed of gearbox, 0-62 mph in 3, 7 sec. with top speed of 202 mile/hr. It seems incredible, both in photos and in person. Lexus LFA Supercar was produced only 500 units with a price of  375,000 $

As reported at last January, at the the Japanese market Lexus LFA has been sold out. As Reported by Lexus company , it has received payment the 500 units Lexus LFA worldwide.
Why are consumers so fond of this sport sedan Lexus LFA? According to experts from Lexus, consumers were impressed with a high-performance cars which also have a high prestige, but the shape is not too exaggerated and flashy .
Lexus LFA is also very popular due to it’s customer service is very good. The buyer was impressed with the way offers, promotions and servants given the company’s Lexus. The buyers believe that the luxury car they buy will get good after sales service so that they are not worried about the problems with their Lexus LFA luxury cars in the future.


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